The Process

The process is SIMPLE… The results EXTRAORDINARY!

The Gravel Doctor™ is a revolutionary new system that recycles, levels and restores gravel driveways, roads, parking areas and other unpaved surfaces.

Our unique system completely removes potholes, ruts and corrugations leaving a smooth, compacted surface.

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fc_gravel_doc1The Process

In just minutes
The Gravel Doctor™ will:

• Scarify the top layer of material and work the
sunken stone to the newly reclaimed surface.

• It then re-mixes the stone with the finer particles
and distributes it out so that the fines are evenly
mixed with the course stone to create a surface
that will “lock” together.
It can also landscape and reshape most unpaved surfaces.

Repairs will last longer than merely filling pot- holes with a load of gravel. Existing gravel is recylced to save pur- chasing new material.
Additional materials are only required in extreme circumstances.

When compared to conventional heavy machinery, The Gravel Doctor™ achieves equal or superior results, in less time, while preserving the original landscape.
• Next, it re-grades the
surface to properly
control drainage.

• The area is then
compacted with a
1,000 pound roller.

• The last step of the
repair occurs when
the rain settles the fine particles, resulting in
proper nestling.